The health innovation system

THiS COOP is a lifestyle business alliance with all the resources for your business and brand to make a worldwide impact.

Welcome to THiSCOOP

We help businesses focused on the health and lifestyle markets.

We provide our members with funding,  corporate services, and expansion solutions that are often only available to the largest multinational companies.

We ensure you have a sustainable return on investment. And we make sure that you control your business and idea!


Our members share 6 principles for improved global economic and ecological sustainability.


With cross-border logistics and social e-commerce, our cloud platform helps you to reach more customers.


We systematise your company’s intellectual and financial capital to form new and viable projects.

Join the movement in THREE Steps

Why You Should join THiSCoop

Control your Idea & Equity

THiS GROUP offers co-ownership instead of unprofitable competition between startups.

Reach the largest markets

THiSLIV gives access to consumers all around the world, who are looking for new lifestyle experiences.

Change the game!

THiSCOOP core principles contribute to global transparency and better health – from production to daily consumption.

Game on

Our upcoming customer portal THiSLIV will be your gateway to conscious buyers at the big consumer markets in Europe and Asia. At THiSLIV, small and large companies will be able to communicate and sell goods and services with a focus on lifestyle benefits, transparency, and cultural knowledge.